Why We Made the Archer's Shot Saver!

I'm an archery hunter living in Alaska with over 45 years hunting experience. That's my first caribou with a bow. I've been half frozen when my perfect opportunity presented itself. Drawing my bow with stiff, cold muscles can be very difficult. Periodically drawing my bow is a lousy option, as risking a dry fire and bow damage is a real problem when you're 500 miles from the nearest archery shop!


That's why I invented the Archer's Shot Saver. It is the perfect device to keep you ready in your tree stand, blind, or on the move.


If you're like me, you've invested thousands of dollars in a bow, broad heads, clothing, boots, trail cams, scent blockers, hunting leases, ...the list is endless. With the Archer's Shot Saver, I can safely and easily keep my shoulders, chest, and back muscles loose, warm, and ready. When all your hard work pays off and your trophy animal presents itself, will you be ready?

About Us

MD 50 Gear is an outdoor products company owned by hunters just like you. We have a passion to enjoy and explore the outdoors and do everything possible to be successful and respect nature. We came up with the name MD50 because we're Mike and David and we've been best friends and hunting and fishing buddies for 50 years.  We were blessed with incredible fathers who taught us to enjoy and respect the outdoors and spent countless days with us.  We still hunt and fish with David's father who is well into his 80's.