Archer's Shot Saver Directions for Use: Watch video on home page!

1.  Securely grip larger rigid handle with bow hand.

2.  Grip the smaller, opposite end, with your draw hand and SLOWLY pull away from the bow hand toward shoulder. Keep tubing in a straight line, no kinks, to prevent tubing damage.

(The same motion as drawing your bow.)

3.  Hold at full draw.  DO NOT RELEASE.

4.  Slowly return draw hand to start position.

5.  Repeat. 


Archer’s Release Trainer Set Up and Use Instructions:  (See chart)

1.    Untie the slipknot in the green string close to the curved handle.

2.    Shorten string length between the D Loop and the handle to approximately 12 inches. Do not retie knot.

3.    Hold the formed handle with your bow hand, just like you hold your bow.

4.    Attach release to D-loop.

5.    Draw slowly, as you would your bow, pulling the string to your normal anchor point.

6.    Mark this distance on the string.

7.    Shorten string length by 2 inches and tie slipknot (now making the string 2 inches shorter than step 5).

Do NOT shorten the string more than 2.5 inches.  This may damage the device.

8.    Draw again (tension at full draw should be approximately 15 pounds)

9.    Focus on target and release. Adjust the string in ¼” increments, +/-1 pound , to change tension.  (See chart)


Safety Instructions

1.  The Archer’s Shot Saver and Archer's Release Trainer are an archery related device.  With all archery products, safety rules must be followed.  Read and understand these rules prior to using this device and always follow the instructions.

2.  Adult supervision and training in proper use is required for anyone under the age of 18.

3.  Always wear safety glasses when using this product and any archery related equipment.

4.  Inspect the device prior to use for defects or wear and tear damage.  If damage or abnormal wear is evident, do not use the device.  Contact for warranty coverage or replacement (if applicable).

5.  The Archer’s Shot Saver is NOT intended to be released at any point during use.  Hold the handle and loop ends securely at all times.  Pull the loop away from the handle to desired draw point, then slowly return to start position without releasing either end.  Releasing the device under tension can result in damage to the device or personal injury.

6.  Never use the device for other uses than are outlined in the user’s instructions.

7.  Keep the device stored in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight when not in use.  This will extend the life of the product.

8.  Never extend the Archer's shot saver resistance tubing beyond your normal archery draw length (32” maximum).  Pulling beyond this can result in damage to the resistance tubing.

9.  Using this device in any manner other than described in this document and the user instructions can result in injury to self, property, or others and MD 50 Gear is not responsible or liable for any and all injuries or damages.




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