MD-50 GEAR Information Sheet with Video Demonstration Links


Our products were invented and designed to be simple to use, effective, durable and customized to every archer, whether a hunter or just practicing at the range.  Repetition, strength, consistency and confidence are reinforced by both the Archer’s Shot Saver and Archer’s Release Trainer. All of our products should be incorporated together and daily to improve and maintain the success in your archery experiences.


Archer’s Shot Saver Custom Setup:                        DEMONSTRATION


Archer’s Shot Saver Exercise Routine:                    DEMONSTRATION 


Archer’s Release Trainer Custom Setup:                DEMONSTRATION


Archer’s Fingers Release Trainer Custom Setup:   DEMONSTRATION


Archer’s Release Trainer Sight Pin Attachment:    DEMONSTRATION


MD-50 GEAR Product Maintenance and Care:       DEMONSTRATION



MD-50 GEAR guarantees our products for 6 months from time of purchase if used properly, lubricated, and kept as much out of light as possible (Cracking of tubing is evidence of not proper care.) If there is an issue please contact us on this website.