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Archery Exerciser Release Trainer

 Available NOW the NEW

Archer's Fingers Release Trainer

  • More realistic than the string bow, allowing a more really solid feel
  • Custom fit to any archer's draw length and hold weight
  • NASP shooters can practice anywhere and anytime technique
  • Focus on form and technique with hundreds of releases, improving at a greater speed.

        Two models available: 10 LB Max (more flexible) and 20 LB Max (more rigid)

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Archer's Shot Saver - Archery Specific

Muscle Trainer and Exerciser

Never freeze up on the draw again. Silently and quickly warm up the muscles you use every time you fire your bow. Whether at the range, in the tree stand,  or anywhere else you take your bow, bring the Archer's Shot Saver along to make sure you don't miss your chance. Works in all weather conditions and fits easily into your pocket.


We built this to last!  Made of top quality USA latex resistance tubing with solid aluminum formed inserts on each end.  Feels like a bow in your hand. Resistance at the wall is just the right amount to stretch and warm your archery muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

  • The Green 32 lb model is perfect for archers who shoot 50 pounds and over
  • Choose the Red 27 lb model if you shoot under 50 pounds but more than 35.
  • Choose the Black 22 lb model if you shoot under 35 pounds.

Keep one in your pack, home, and office.  

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Archer's Release Trainer - A Training and Practice Aid for Archers of All Levels 

 Our new release trainer is designed to help you perform the perfect shot execution.  The Archer's Release Trainer allows for quick and easy adjustment of draw length and desired release tension in seconds.  A PERFECT CUSTOM FIT!


The Archer's Release Trainer is perfect for:

  • Overcoming target panic or punching the release
  • Training new archers to use a release properly
  • Creating muscle memory to execute the perfect shot execution
  • Practicing with a new release
  • Red model recommended for 50 pound draw or less while Green model for above 50 pounds

Full-draw tension is fully adjustable, allowing you to easily match your let off poundage to draw length, helping to focus on form and technique, EXACTLY REPLICATING YOUR BOW! Simply use the chart on the right! 


Made of the same high quality materials as the original Archer's Shot Saver, the Archer's Release Trainer is a great addition to the MD50 Gear collection of preparation tools and equipment. This trainer is perfect for individuals, professionals, and hunter safety instructors to improve form and train without the potential of dry fires.

Now in over 151 Archery Shops!